Built to Impress
In 1984, Impressions Promotional Group started out with just one manual sewing machine, two employees, and a passion for detail and quality in every job. Today, we operate 32 automated embroidery heads and employ over 30 highly skilled employees. Over the years we’ve added digitizing, screen printing, embossing, and access to a wide array of personalized promotional items.
Plus, we now provide Uniform Management and Fulfillment Services to help our clients unify and strengthen employee appearance. After more than 30 years, we’re still driven by the same purpose we started with…helping you and your brand make a great impression.
Promised to Impress
Ever wonder what causes the kind of impression that forms a strong bond. . .that makes people think highly of you – and desire to do business with or join your organization? Often, it’s the widely overlooked small details that make a difference, and an area that we take great pride in delivering.
At Impressions Promotional Group, our passion has always been in providing products and services that display a unique vision, image, and identity in ways that leave a mark in people’s minds – no matter the budget. Call, click or write us today...we promise you’ll be positively impressed with how we serve you.