Designed to Impress
Making sure people are drawn to your logo or message is our first priority – and proper planning ensures that will happen. We’ll reproduce your logo faithfully, or if you like, our talented artists will create a custom design based on your group’s unique traits. We’ll provide a template of the design in advance, size it to fit perfectly – and review it with you, to be certain you’re thrilled with the results!
No matter if we are producing a shirt, jacket, hat or any other wearable, we have the experience and the equipment to make your brand look it’s best.
Faithfully reproducing a brand logo in thread so that it looks beautiful when stitched onto a garment is a lost art. At Impressions, our digitization experts have the knowledge to recreate your logo expertly.
Silk Screening
Prefer to have your idea, logo, or message printed on a t-shirt? At Impressions Promotional Group, we deliver quickly and flawlessly with our professional silk screen printing services.
Heat Press
Our heat press is a specialized machine engineered to imprint a more complex design or graphic on an item, such as a t-shirt, through the application of heat and pressure.
Dressed to Impress
Unique, well branded, comfortable clothing conveys a sense of professionalism and credibility, and allows people to perform at their best. From work, school and club uniform shirts and hats, to aprons and pants, safety attire, or even name badges, we provide everything needed to make your group look it’s best.
Uniform Management
Beyond how good a uniform looks and feels, at Impressions Promotional Group, we help companies large and small at managing the budgeting, ordering and distribution of uniforms. We help ease the process of providing your employees with the right size, color and style uniforms, while also helping you to reduce costs. Depending on your organization’s needs, we can even store and distribute employee uniforms inventory out of our own warehouses.
Fulfillment Services
Uniform and customized merchandise programs often require hundreds of individual orders per day to be fulfilled. You can count on the experts at Impressions Promotional Group to deliver fast and accurately, with transparent order processing, inventory management, warehousing, requisition processing, and shipping. We make a complex job easy for you to accomplish and drive down your costs to boot!